Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Republican Debate Nonsense

Unqualified Offerings are on a roll today.

Who would Jesus nuke?
The most chilling part of last night’s debate was, of course, when 10 of the 11 candidates fell all over themselves to assert that they aren’t afraid to pre-emptively nuke Persians. But the most inspiring moment was when Ron Paul labeled our embrace of pre-emptive war as the biggest moral crisis of our time. Since he was speaking before a Republican audience, he remarked that this was an abandonment of Christian notions of “just war.”

Interestingly, on the question “what is the biggest moral crisis of our time?”, all of the other candidates spoke about abortion. Meanwhile, the only obstetrician on the stage preferred to talk about war.
Killing unborn children: bad. Bombing civilians: acceptable.

Also, we have a Modest Proposal:
Didn’t see the Republican debate tonight [...] Mrs. Offering had to watch it but she was good enough not to tell me about it when I got home. My suggestion is, let’s save time. Just have the candidates torture each other and give the nomination to the last one to break.

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