Friday, October 26, 2007

Naked At The Monolith

Phil Nugent talks about Bush:
Bush's presidential career demonstrates that some are born despotic, some achieve despotism, and some have despotism thrust upon him. I think that Bush had it thrust upon him; I really do think that he ran for president partly just to appease his Oedipal issues and partly because he needed to do something with his life and he didn't think he could pass the written test to become a pirate. I think that his original vision of being president was that he'd play golf and work out and read to kiddies and throw the opening pitch at the World Series for four years while the country ran itself, and every once in a while he'd go somewhere and read a text to a crowd that would then cheer for him. 9/11 must have impressed the poor little guy the way a solar eclipse would have impressed a caveman; he knew that God was sending him a message, and he must have decided that the message was that he would now have to be a Great Man, but it didn't make him any smarter or more capable.
He goes on to write more about Rudy Giuliani, with which we also agree. However, this struck us as the newest and most potent insight.


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