Thursday, January 25, 2007

Setting The Stage for Iran

Who Is IOZ?: Largely United.

Quoth the man:
[C]onsider that the moment of greatest, loudest whoopery in the chamber [during Bush's State of the Union Address - ed.] followed the dauphin's line-in-the-mud line that "the world will not allow the regime in Tehran to acquire nuclear weapons." Dennis Kucinich nearly lost his toupee in the updraft as every other member of his party leapt to their hooves all around him. There is a lesson here: The failure of the occupation of Iraq has not fundamentally altered the premises and assumptions of the governing class.
Emphasis the author's, but we draw attention to it as well. Has the failure of Iraq taught the U.S. that the threat of radical, martyr-driven, wahhabist Islam cannot be stopped by occupation and imperialism? No, it has not.

Groundwork is being laid now for the Next Big Lie - that while Iraq (ahem) didn't actually HAVE weapons of mass destruction, per se, Iran definitely does. That while the citizens of Iraq, a hodgepodge of virulently angry Muslims of different feuding factions, lumped together by the Sykes-Picot Treaty, didn't greet us as liberators, the Iranian people long for the soothing balm of democracy, American-style.

Actually, we're not as worried about Iran as we are about Iraq. Given that the entire premise of the Iraq debacle - namely, "Iraq the Model," Iraq the grateful recipient of liberation at gunpoint - was at best naive and at worst a lie, we could expect nothing but failure there. But the premise of the 2008 Iran Debacle should be remarkably straightforward: kill them all, and let God redeem his own. Whether you find that refreshing or disheartening, we leave as an exercise for the reader


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